Open Source

I believe in complete transparency and trust when it comes to securing your private media. That’s why I’m proud to announce that EncameraCore, the foundation of this privacy-focused app, is now open sourced and available for anyone to review at

Open source software is a crucial aspect of privacy-focused applications, as it allows the code to be publicly accessible and freely reviewed by experts and users alike. This helps ensure that the software is trustworthy, secure, and operates as intended without any hidden vulnerabilities or backdoors. In a world where privacy is of utmost importance, open source software helps to maintain accountability and fosters a sense of trust within the community.

By open sourcing EncameraCore, I aim to build trust with the privacy community and showcase my dedication to complete transparency. My commitment to open source software demonstrates that I stand behind my product and have nothing to hide. This level of openness allows users to verify the security of the app, ensuring that their private media remains confidential and protected at all times.

Unlike many other apps in the market, Encamera stands out by choosing to share the core source code. Many developers and companies do not take this step, leaving users uncertain about the true intentions and security of the software they use. I, however, understand the importance of trust and transparency in the privacy community and am proud to lead by example.

Check out EncameraCore on GitHub and discover the robust security measures I’ve implemented to protect your private gallery. I’m confident that my commitment to open source software will solidify your trust in Encamera as the ultimate private gallery locker.