Instant encryption for your private memories.


Encamera is an encrypted camera app that puts your privacy first and puts you in control of your data.

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Capture moments privately and secure your memories.

Confidently secure your private photos and videos, keep them separate from the rest of your media

  • Take photos and video in the app
  • Nothing is stored in your Camera Roll
  • Store encrypted media on your device or iCloud
  • Unlock with password or Touch/Face ID
  • Privacy-forward UX
  • Core functionality open sourced
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Encrypt and control where your data goes.

You're in driver's seat. Keep your media on your device or on your personal iCloud.

  • Accordion Icon No 3rd party hosting.

    You choose where your media goes, either on your device or on your personal iCloud. You can share encrypted media like any other file.

  • Accordion Icon No tracking. No Ads.

    We collect absolutely zero usage data. No trackers are installed to the app, and no ads are shown.

  • Accordion Icon When you delete media, it's really deleted.

    If you delete something, it's really gone for good. No retention periods.

More private than other apps

Encamera goes further than most apps to gain your trust and keep your media secure.

  • Accordion Icon Instant encryption of photos and videos after capture

    Most apps only hide your photos. When you take a picture or a video with Encamera, the file is encrypted using the ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption algorithm. Nobody can view the file without the key, which is only available when the app is unlocked.

  • Accordion Icon Unlock the app with Face/Touch ID or password for quick access

    Use biometrics to enable quick access to the camera and files. If you prefer password-only access, that's available too.

  • Accordion Icon Intuitive album management with unique private keys for each album

    Create a unique private key for each album that you add photos to. This allows you to keep different keys for different topics.

  • Accordion Icon Quickly delete media and keys with just a tap

    Done with an album? In just a few taps, you can erase an album and its key forever.

  • Accordion Icon Seamlessly share private keys in person using the app

    If you want to share encrypted media with someone else, you can share your key in person using a QR code. Then, when you send encrypted files, the recipient can decrypt the files using that key.

  • Accordion Icon Easily share encrypted and decrypted files with others

    Share encrypted or decrypted files with others using the app. If encrypted, The recipient can decrypt the files using their own key, or a key that you share with them.

  • Accordion Icon Enjoy a clean user interface with no ads, tracking, or unnecessary permissions

    Encamera tracks absolutely nothing. There are no ads, no third-party libraries, absolutely nothing that most other photo vault apps use.

  • Accordion Icon Save encrypted files to your device or iCloud drive automatically

    Each album stores its data in a separate folder. You have control where your data goes, so you can keep some files on iCloud Drive, and some locally on your device.

  • Accordion IconStore encrypted photos on iCloud or your own device

    Encamera enables you to store your photos on iCloud or your own device, meaning you have full control over your data. You can manage your images just like you would any other file on your device.

  • Accordion Icon No third-party hosting services. Your photos stay in your control

    Most apps store your photos on their own servers, which are likely targets of hackers. You make the decision where you store your encrypted images, meaning your data is in your hands or stored safely in an encrypted state on iCloud.

  • Accordion Icon When you delete media, it's deleted for good

    Because Encamera stores your photos on your device or iCloud, when you delete media, it's deleted for good. There's no way to recover it, and no way for anyone else to recover it.

  • Core functionality is open sourced and available on Github

    For transparency, the core functionality of Encamera is open sourced and available on Github. This includes the encryption and decryption algorithms, as well as the core functionality of the app.

Upgrade to Unlock Unlimited Privacy

Each upgrade plan includes unlimited photo and video viewing, and unlimited keys and albums.


$ 0.99 /mo

  • Unlimited photo and video viewing
  • Unlimited keys and albums


$ 19.99

  • Unlimited photo and video viewing
  • Unlimited keys and albums

One-Time Purchase: Family

$ 24.99

  • Unlimited photo and video viewing
  • Unlimited keys and albums
  • Share with anyone in your iCloud family plan

Meet the developer

Building more privacy

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I think privacy is incredibly important and easily overlooked in our digital lives. I wanted to build an app that could be trusted with our most private media, so I built Encamera. Most of the other apps, as I have found, are not trustworthy and are not transparent about how they handle your data. Encamera is different. Check me out

Alex Freas

Entrepreneur & Engineer

Road map

Check out the roadmap to see what's coming next and voice your opinion on what you'd like to see in the future!